Association of malaria and curable sexually transmitted infections with pregnancy outcomes in rural Burkina Faso

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2021 Oct 27;21(1):722. doi: 10.1186/s12884-021-04205-6.


BACKGROUND: Malaria and curable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are severe infections associated with poor pregnancy outcomes in sub-Saharan countries. These infections are responsible for low birth weight, preterm birth, and miscarriage. In Burkina Faso, many interventions recommended by the World Health Organization were implemented to control the impact of these infections. After decades of intervention, we assessed the impact of these infections on pregnancy outcomes in rural setting of Burkina Faso.

METHODS: Antenatal care and delivery data of pregnant women attending health facilities in 2016 and 2017 were collected in two rural districts namely Nanoro and Yako, in Burkina Faso. Regression models with likelihood ratio test were used to assess the association between infections and pregnancy outcomes.

RESULTS: During the two years, 31639 pregnant women received antenatal care. Malaria without STI, STI without malaria, and their coinfections were reported for 7359 (23.3%), 881 (2.8 %), and 388 (1.2%) women, respectively. Low birth weight, miscarriage, and stillbirth were observed in 2754 (10.5 %), 547 (2.0 %), and 373 (1.3 %) women, respectively. Our data did not show an association between low birth weight and malaria [Adjusted OR: 0.91 (0.78 – 1.07)], STIs [Adjusted OR: 0.74 (0.51 – 1.07)] and coinfection [Adjusted OR: 1.15 (0.75 – 1.78)]. Low birth weight was strongly associated with primigravidae [Adjusted OR: 3.53 (3.12 – 4.00)]. Both miscarriage and stillbirth were associated with malaria [Adjusted OR: 1.31 (1.07 – 1.59)], curable STI [Adjusted OR: 1.65 (1.06 – 2.59)], and coinfection [Adjusted OR: 2.00 (1.13 – 3.52)].

CONCLUSION: Poor pregnancy outcomes remained frequent in rural Burkina Faso. Malaria, curable STIs, and their coinfections were associated with both miscarriage and stillbirth in rural Burkina. More effort should be done to reduce the proportion of pregnancies lost associated with these curable infections by targeting interventions in primigravidae women.

PMID:34706705 | PMC:PMC8549350 | DOI:10.1186/s12884-021-04205-6

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