Karim Derra

Current Job Nanoro HDSS Manager
Personal Statement Karim Derra is a Demographer with a background in Mathematics. He is a young research scientist at the Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (CRUN), IRSS-DRCO, Burkina Faso. His research activities are focused on population and health, mortality, verbal autopsy and causes of deaths data analysis. He has been involved in clinical trials, epidemiology and public health studies particularly on malaria as well. His current research aims to develop new tools (easyVA) to accurately assess a specific cause of death mortality in rural area where most of deaths are occurs outside of health centers.
He worked as research officer for the Department of Population and Development at SP/CONAPO, Burkina Faso (2008 to 2009). In 2009, he joined CRUN to help establish the Nanoro HDSS. Karim Derra has good experience in electronic data collection and Event History Analysis of HDSS longitudinal data. He graduated from IFORD (Institut de Formation et de Recherche Démographiques) in Cameroon in 2008 with an MSc. in Demography. His main papers have been published in International Journal of Epidemiology, Global Health Action, Malaria Journal, Lancet and Plos One.
Experiences – 2009-Onwards: Nanoro HDSS Manager, Junior Research Scientist at IRSS-DRCO/Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (CRUN), Burkina Faso;
– 2008-2009: Demographer in charge of the studies, SP/CONAPO, Department of Population and Development, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Awards / Honors – August 2015 : 1st Research Prize at 3rd Scientific Conference of CRSN Nouna, July 30th – August, 1st, 2015; Nouna – Burkina Faso
– July 2012 : Best participant in the longitudinal data analysis workshop award organised by Union for African population Studies (UAPS) at University of Ouaga I Joseph KI-ZERBO, Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso.
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