Hermann Sorgho

September 6, 2021

Research and professional experience:

1. Positions and Employment

Start date – End date:Postes

2018 to present : Senior Research scientist, CRUN-IRSS, Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (IRSS), Burkina Faso

2009 to present : Clinical trial coordinator (CRUN-IRSS Burkina Faso)

2006 to present : Trainereffective project planning and evaluation in biomedical research” (WHO-TDR)

2013 – 2014 : Temporary advisor “mapping of neglected tropical diseases” (WHO-Afro)

2006 – 2008 : Research fellow(IRSS-Bobo-Dioulasso)

2000 – 2006 : PhD candidate (University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)



2. Personal Statemen

(provide a short description of your research interest and/or motivation/ fournir une brève description de vos centres d’intérêt et/ou motivation)

My main area of interest in research covers human immune response to parasitic infection and parasitic diseases and control through vaccination. I worked on several research projects on the control of malaria and schistosomiasis.

Recently I invested some effort in public health approaches to improve health during the early infancy and also in understanding the interactions between genomic and environmental factors that influence health in early infancy and late adulthood.

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

Start date – End date



3. Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

Watson D, Kehoe SH, Erzse A, Compaoré A, Debpuur C, Nonterah EA, Sorgho H, Norris SA, Hofman KJ, Lawrence W, Newell ML, Godfrey KM, Ward KA, Barker M; INPreP group. (2020). Community perspectives on maternal and child health during nutrition and economic transition in sub-Saharan Africa. Public Health Nutrition 2020 Sep 15:1-9.   doi: 10.1017/S1368980020003018

Boua PR, Brandenburg JT, Choudhury A, Hazelhurst S, Sengupta D, Agongo G, Nonterah EA, Oduro AR, Tinto H, Mathew CG, Sorgho H, Ramsay M. (2020). Novel and known gene-smoking interactions with cIMT identified as potential drivers for atherosclerosis risk in West-African populations of the AWI-Gen study. Frontiers in Genetics. 2020 Feb 7;10:1354.   doi: 10.3389/fgene.2019.01354

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4. Research Support

(Sponsor-Start date – End date: Position) /(Structure de financement-Début-Fin): Postes

Study of immune correlates of protection against malaria after vaccination with RTS, S/AS01E. MVI funded. 2010 – 2013. Principal Investigator

Understanding RTS,S malaria vaccine-induced protection through integrated analysis. NIH funded. 2013 – 2018. Principal Investigator

Genomic and environmental risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases in Africans. NIH funded. 2014 – 2021. Co-Principal Investigator

Leveraging improved nutrition preconception, during pregnancy and postpartum in Sub-Saharan Africa through novel intervention models. NIHR funded. 2018 – 2022. Principal Investigator

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